Tips for Foreign Tourists who want or New First to Indonesia

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Tips for Foreign Tourists who want or New First to Indonesia
Andrew Fung (Foto: Instagram)

Tips for Foreign Tourists who want or New First to Indonesia ala Youtuber Andrew Fung

Radar Ampera – INDONESIA is included in the list of countries that must be visited in Asia. Things can be enjoyed in this country.

Great natural scenery, be it on land or in the water, a fairly friendly life, and importantly enough is the affordable cost of living.

Foreign tourists may be quite curious about Indonesia. This tropical country holds a lot of natural riches that many tourists may be looking for. The warm air is also an attraction for foreign tourists who may be familiar with the temperature of the environment is quite cold.

Well, one of the foreign Youtubers who are interested in Indonesia, especially Jakarta is Andrew Fung. According to him, there are many things that can be done in Indonesia. Starting from traveling, looking for typical food, to recognizing the culture of Indonesia itself.

“I am quite amazed by Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Undeniably, the country has a lot of culture and culture, the population is quite dense. Both things that eventually create something interesting and hard to get in other countries,” said Andrew when interviewed okezone in Meet and Greet Andrew Fung present by The F Thing, at Hide Plaza Senayan, Saturday (16/12/2017) ago.

Andrew explained that any tourist who has the opportunity to stop by Indonesia, they will feel at home for a long time. Because, it seems that in Indonesia it’s all there. Starting from the food to the beauty of nature.

Meanwhile, in another talk, to Okezone, Andrew gave a little quick tips for foreign tourists who are first time coming to Indonesia.

The first thing to do when coming to Indonesia is to look for Indonesian specialties. Don’t worry about eating street food in Jakarta, for example.

To recognize a country, usually the roadside food can be a lockdown that makes you will find out more about the country. But, it doesn’t hurt if you want to eat at the restaurant.

“If I was, prefer to try the roadside food first, then you can also stop by the restaurant food. So, your tongue references become more diverse and your streets are more interesting,” said Andrew.

After that, feel free to try ojek online. According to Andrew, this caught his attention. And who would have thought, it turns out that Andrew tried directly riding a motorcycle taxi online last night. And when the video on Instastory spread, bahagaia’s face and feelings were hard to cover, yes.

Most importantly, there are many cheap things in Indonesia. Yes, one of them is motorcycle taxi (ojek online, RED).

“It’s very cheap and I was fun to try that motorcycle taxi,” he said with a chuckle. And by trying to transport it, Andrew confesses that he’s like living for real.

One hope Andrew, he wants to visit Bali. Maybe one day. But, clearly, Andrew admitted that he was very grateful to have been given an interesting experience while in Indonesia and he promised to be able to come next time to Indonesia again. [tam/okezone]

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